Official Nebraska Government Website

National Links

   Ground Water Protection Council
   Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission
   The Environmental Council of the States
   Association of American State Geologists
   US Government - Department of Energy
   US Government - Environmental Protection Agency
   US Government - Department of the Interior
   Argonne National Laboratories
   Produced Water Management Information System
   Drilling Waste Management Information System
   Oil and Gas Mineral Services

Nebraska Links

   State of Nebraska
   Nebraska Drilling Waste Management Information System
   Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality
   Nebraska Department of Natural Resources
   Nebraska Department of Roads
   University of Nebraska Conservation and Survey Division

Surrounding States

   Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission
   Wyoming Oil and Gas Conservation Commission
   Kansas Corporation Commission
   South Dakota Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Minerals and Mining Program, Oil and Gas Section
   Iowa Department of Natural Resources, Geological Survey
   Missouri Department of Natural Resources, Geological Survey and Resource Assessment Division
   North Dakota Industrial Commission, Oil and Gas Division
   Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation, Board of Oil and Gas Conservation

Other Links

   Coordinate Solutions
   Virtual Engineering Solutions
   ALL, Consulting
   Schlumberger Information Services