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2016 Mill Levy Increase - Posted 1/27/2016

On March 1, 2016 the Conservation Tax mill levy will increase to 12.0 mills per dollar.

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2016 Public Hearing Schedule - Posted 12/8/2015

The 2016 Public Hearing Schedule of the Nebraska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission is now be available for public download.

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Enhancements to our site

We have added new features and applications to this site to make managing your exploration and operation simpler.

1) Nebraska eReports has been updated to version 2. This update is required by new server hardware and software that makes the original application obsolete and inoperative.

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2) GIS Data Mining has been updated to work with most modern browsers and mobile devices. The only known exception is Internet Explorer version 8. This application will continue to evolve with time as new features and functionality become available. You can now drag the map and use the scroll wheel to zoom in and out. Please wait for the pumpjack to quit pumping before you try another pan or zoom. We have included new base map layers for Google and Bing that allow you to turn on aerial/satellite imagery, layers for unit, field and storage boundaries. Additional layers have been added from external sources to the Contour Overlays. These should assist geologists with the exploration for resources across the state. We have added the ability to export data from this appliction into several popular formats. Every place you see a printer icon embeded in the page you will be able to export data by clicking on the icon. Please see data mining requirements and the online help resources if you are having troubles.

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3) Coming Soon...
a) Education Resources. This section will provide opportunities for you to educate yourself on the many facets of the oil and gas industry and the regulatory process.
b) Professional Publications. This section will provide many hard to find publications and conference presentations for geologists.
c) Expanded Links. This section will include many national and international links to sites engaged in the regulatory process.

Drilling Permits

Scanned drilling permits and location information are available from our Data Mining site.  Enter 'pw' in the text search area and click on find.  An expandable list of all currently permitted wells will show in the search pane.  Click on Nebraska Wells to expand the list and then click on the well you are interested in.  The map will zoom to that location and the Details Pane will show you details about well location and other pertinent information. Scanned copies of the drilling permit may be obtained by clicking on the Images Tab in the Details Pand and then choosing View Image next to the document you wish to view.


Our Mission

The Nebraska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission was founded in 1959.  Its mission is to foster, encourage and promote the development, production and utilization of natural resources of oil and gas in the state.  The mission will be accomplished in such a manner as will prevent waste, protect correlative rights of all owners, and encourage and authorize secondary recovery, pressure maintenance, cycling, or recycling, in order that the greatest ultimate recovery of oil and gas may be obtained within the state while protecting the environment. To this end the landowners, producers, and the general public will realize and enjoy the greatest possible good from these vital, irreplaceable natural resources.