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eReport II is Now in Test Mode!

We have been working hard to update eReport Web Forms. The new version is now in test mode. You are invited to try out the latest version. All of the functionality remains the same although the screen layouts have been updated with a new look. Quality control at submission has been enhanced to show more descriptive and helpfull error reports. Both versions share the same data store. Reports filed will be accessible through either version. Please report any problems you encounter to Edna or Chuck at 308-254-6919.

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Welcome to Nebraska eReport!

Using one of three methods operators will be able to file production (PROD), injection (EOR), and disposal (SWD) reports online. The first step is to become a registered user at our eReport web site. Visit the Register for eReports link below. Complete the "Add a New eReport User" information screen and click the "Add New User" button. At the eReport Login screen, login using the login name and password you just provided. Select "Edit My Profile" from the menu on the left. You must then choose which operator(s) you will report for from the Operators section on the right. Use the "Select Operators Beginning With" button and associated text box to filter for operators. Add operators by selecting them from the list (ctrl + click selects multiple operators) and then clicking the "Add Operators" button. When finished, click the "Update Login" button and then "Logoff eReport" from the menu. You will receive notification when your registration is approved to submit electronic reports.

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Method 1 - Web Forms

eReport Web Forms allows the small to mid-sized operator to file their production and disposal reports online. Logon to eReport and select the + in front of "File My eReport Online." This will expand the menu to let you choose between Monthly Production Report, Report of Injection Project, Report of Disposal Well Activity or Review My eReport for Submittal. After choosing one of these options from the menu you will choose the operator and the report period and click on the "Submit Query" button. Fill out the online forms as appropriate for each lease, project or well. Please remember to save your data entered in each area with the associated "Save" button. Information will be retained in the system should you need to logoff and return later. When you have finished entry for all leases, projects and/or wells and are ready to submit your reports select "Review My eReport for Submittal" from the menu. Verify the operator and report period and click the "Send Options" button. You must validate each report type (PROD, EOR, SWD) separately. During validating, each report will be run through a series of checks for accuracy and completeness. If there are any errors they will be reported back to you immediately. These errors need to be corrected, saved and the report type revalidated. If the report passes all validation checks it will automatically be submitted to us for you. Please refer to the eReport user help topic "Using the eReport Web Forms" for more detailed information and instructions.

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Method 2 - eReportRemote

eReportRemote enables operators to prepare and file production and disposal reports using a custom utility on their local computer. Using this utility the operator will retrieve a blank dataset each month from the eReports Server for their properties. This dataset will be saved as a local file allowing them to enter the required reporting data as it is obtained from field operations. Once all data has been entered the report dataset will be uploaded to the eReports Server. At this time the data will be run through a series of quality control checks. Datasets containing errors will be rejected. All errors found will be displayed immediately. These errors must be corrected and the dataset resubmitted before reporting is complete. Please refer to the eReport User Help topic "Using eReportRemote.NET" more information.

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Method 3 - eReportImport

The eReportImport utility is a Windows desktop application for oil and gas owners and operators. The utility is an important aid in extracting and preparing monthly production, injection, and disposition reports in the format required for electronic submittal. The resulting output file can then be submitted to the eReport Server. This utility will be especially helpful to those operators who must report activities on large numbers of leases or wells because they will be able to extract and transfer data directly from existing in-house databases. The utility connects to any ODBC or OLEDB compliant database. When ready to file, operators submit report batches by logging into the eReport Server via the eReport Web Forms link above. From the eReport Menu, choose "Upload an eReport from My Database." Browse to the prepared report XML file on your computer and click on the "Submit XML File" button. At this time the data will be run through a series of quality control checks. Datasets containing errors will be rejected. All errors found will be displayed immediately. These errors must be corrected and the dataset resubmitted before reporting is complete. The goals of eReportImport are to speed the transfer of information between the agency and oil and gas operators and to streamline the reporting process over the previous paper-bound method. Please refer to the eReport User Help topic "Using eReport Exchange Data Utility" more information.

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Both eReportRemote and eReportImport utilities are Microsoft .NET applications. Before installing either, please make sure that you have the Microsoft .NET Framework v1.1 installed on your PC. You can get this free software from Microsoft.

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